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2016 MRPC CMP Hi-Power Rifle League

11 Shooters firing 19 Matches braved the cold and intermittent snow showers of early April to start off the 2016 MRPC CMP Hi-Power Rifle League. Trevor Gersch was high AIM-R shooter firing a 262-3x with a M-1 Garand. Mike Facchini was high NM Category shooting a 267-3x with his NM AR-15. Zachery Coffey was high Sporting Rifle Category shooter with a 199-0x with his Optic equipped Savage Bolt Rifle. The next Match will be July 23, 2016, one week before Camp Perry CMP Games Matches. Squadding begins at 11am. Hope to see you on the line to nail down that 200 yard zero before the big game. James Root- Match Co-Ordinator.2016 MRPC Match Results 4-9-20162016 MRPC Championship Standings 4-9-2016