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MRPC Highpower Results: 8/27/16

Match day began as a pleasant 80 degrees and partly sunny. The target improvements appear to help see hits in the black in shady or overcast conditions. 20 shooters occupied every firing point on the line and we were able to complete one relay (20 Matches) before rain moved in and cut the day short. Had the rain held off we had 21 shooters squadded to fire at least 27 matches. All AIMR shooters fired the Garand course A match format (5 sighters/ 10 slow prone/ 10 rapid prone/ 10 standing) and all National Match sooters fired the traditional President’s match format on reduced targets (5 sighters/ 10 slow standing/ 10 rapid prone/ 10 slow prone). This is how the rest of the season will run. Sporting/ Unlimited class entries will also fire the President’s match format on reduced targets.

In the AIMR category Tom Box bested both Kent Roach (1903A3) and Scott Kemler (Garand) by 2X’s to win the AIMR category firing a 282-8X with a 1903A3 Springfield. In the National Match category, Jack Abrams was the winner firing a 289-7X with  his NMAR with Matt Wieczorek hot on his heels firing a 287-8X. Matt says 8’s are bullshit! After 3 Matches, Steve Jones is the only competitor in any category with 4 or more scores reported, and currently holds the top spot in the AIMR category for the league championship. Matt Wieczorek with 3 scores reporting in the National Match category is the current leader, with Jack Abrams currently sitting in 2nd place with one less score on the board. In the NM category itis a real horse race and anyone’s game. The next Match is 9/17/16. Squadding at 11 am and ends at noon. I hope to see you all on the line.   James Root- Match Director8-27-2016 MRPC Match Results 2016 MRPC Championship Standings 8-27-2016